Cancer Detection

Offering Detection Of More Than 50 Types Of Cancer With A Simple Blood Draw.

Many types of cancer lack routine screening, even with today’s medical advancements. Medical experts can agree that early detection, in most cases, is crucial for a good prognosis. When found too late, a cancer diagnosis often comes with limited treatment options and an unfavorable outcome. Statistically, around 70% of cancer deaths are attributed to forms of the disease that lack proper screening. The Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test aims to change that. Using a simple blood draw, the Galleri test provides a convenient way to get screened for more than 50 types of cancer that do not currently have routine screenings.

How does the Galleri multi-cancer early detection test work?

The Galleri test is an in vitro diagnostic test intended to detect DNA methylation patterns using cell-free DNA isolated from your blood. DNA methylation is a natural, biological process in which cells regulate gene expression. Certain DNA methylation patterns can indicate the presence of cancer and help provide information about the origin with high accuracy, giving your healthcare provider better chances for treatment. When cancers are diagnosed early before they’ve had a chance to spread, the overall 5-year survival rate is four times greater than cancers diagnosed in later stages.

Am I a candidate for cancer screening with the Galleri test?

The Galleri test can provide benefit to people with an elevated risk of cancer due to age, typically those 50 and older. The test should be used alongside other recommended cancer screening methods, such as colonoscopy, mammography, prostate specific antigen, or cervical cancer screening. This test should not be considered a replacement for these important screenings. The Galleri test is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, 21 years of age or younger, or those currently undergoing active cancer treatment.

What can I expect from the Galleri test as far as results?

There are two possible test outcomes: “cancer signal detected,” and “cancer signal not detected.” “Cancer signal detected” means there is a suspicion of cancer, but it is not a diagnosis of cancer. This result must be confirmed by diagnostic testing in accordance with standard medical practice. “Cancer signal not detected” means no cancer signal was found at the time of testing. While the Galleri test can detect more than 50 types of cancer, it’s important to remember that not all cancers can be detected.

Is the Galleri test covered by my insurance?

The Galleri test is new to the market and serves as a significant innovation to cancer screening, but it is not currently covered by insurance. While the manufacturer is actively pursuing coverage from various sources, this process takes time.

How much does the Galleri test cost?

Each Galleri multi-cancer early detection test costs $1,000.

What’s my next step to screening with the Galleri multi-cancer early detection test?

We proudly offer the potentially lifesaving Galleri test at ZG Wellness and Dermatology. Call us today at (859) 344-3250 to schedule your free consultation or click here to book online. Our knowledgeable wellness staff will discuss the test in detail and help you determine if it’s right for you.

Questions We Get From Patients:

How long does it take to get results back from the Galleri test?

Results are typically available within 10 business days from the day your blood sample is received.

How often can I take the Galleri test?

While regular screening provides the opportunity to detect more cancers early, each case is different. Depending on your risk factors for cancer and individual concerns, we will work with you to determine the best frequency of Galleri testing or any additional tests that may be needed.

Does the Galleri test help determine my family’s risk of cancer?

The Galleri test only detects current signs of cancer in your blood. It is not a genetic test that determines family risk and does not detect specific genetic mutations.