Meet Jennifer Walsh, RN, Partner

Jennifer Walsh loves to travel, which is appropriate, because her life has been a remarkable journey. And at Zero Gravity, she is delighted to help scores of her clients along their own personal paths toward improvement.

Jen was born in Harrison, Ohio, near Cincinnati, and lived there until she was 18, when she moved to Northern Kentucky. Always outdoorsy, she loved to camp, boat and swim as she was growing up—and still does to this day. She didn’t play sports in high school, concentrating instead on academics. Math and science were her favorite subjects.

After she graduated, she started her family of five children. When the youngest entered kindergarten, Jen decided it was time to go back to school herself, starting at Northern Kentucky University and finishing her Nursing Degree at NKY partner institution, Ivy Tech.

She then dove deep into one of the most intense areas of the profession: Pediatric Intensive Care.

“I had a child born prematurely and I remembered all the time we spent in the hospital, and how important the nurses were,” she said. “For me, it felt like giving something back.”

So for the next few years, Jen traveled the nation, working as a contract Pediatric ICU nurse in locations including California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana—in all, 15 different hospitals all around the country. Sometimes, she was there for four weeks, sometimes a lot longer. She often brought her family along, and they used the experience as a time for adventure.

But nursing is stressful—and nursing in an intensive care setting is especially stressful. So when Jen met Candace Reusch (also an ICU nurse), the two bonded immediately. And they started discussing career paths beyond their high-stress nursing jobs.

Jen had been working in California around the time med spas started becoming popular there, and shared this knowledge with Candace. Jen was especially intrigued by the idea of having one place where working women could go to get a variety of treatments. The two very driven professionals began exploring the idea in earnest, and crafted a plan that became Zero Gravity Aesthetics.

“My dad owned his own business,” she said. “And Candace is a natural entrepreneur. So we started working, taking classes online and at locations around the country, and putting things in place to offer fillers, wrinkle reducers, facials, and eyelash extensions. It took us about five or six months. Then we took a deep breath and said, ‘here we go.’” Zero Gravity was up and running.

Since then, Zero Gravity has been named “Best Med Spa in Northern Kentucky” twice, and continues to grow. The vision Jen and Candace had for their business keeps paying off.

“We did what we set out to do: build one location where women could come and get the treatments they wanted—all under one roof,” Jen said. “We wanted a place where they felt comfortable coming back, where they could tell someone what they wanted to do for themselves, and have someone really listen.

The turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic led Jen and Candace to step back into action as nurses and caregivers, traveling to Florida to medical professionals and the National Guard handle the massive number of cases early on. When they returned to their med spa business, the decision was made to expand their primary care services through the opening of ZG Wellness.

When she’s not working, Jen spends time with her partner Kevin, her five children (Emili, Stephanie, Jack, Katie, and Chris), her three grandchildren (Riley, Ryan, and Jack) and her dog Waylon. She’s a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan who goes to Lambeau Field even in bad weather, and is always in search of the next adventure.

Jennifer Walsh, RN