Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen is a super-cold liquid gas that can be used to remove skin growths and lesions. The gas is applied to freeze the tissue with the imperfection. As the skin heals, the growth (destroyed by freezing) falls off, leaving healthy skin behind.

ZG Wellness uses liquid nitrogen treatments as an effective way to remove growths with minimal scarring. It is particularly effective for removing deep-rooted growths such as warts or pre-cancerous lesions.

During the liquid nitrogen treatment, the gas is applied to specifically targeted areas. You will feel some stinging and mild pain, which only lasts for a few minutes. After treatment, the treated area will blister and scab. As the skin heals, the wart or other growth simply falls off. This usually takes one to three weeks.

In some cases, treatment may need to be repeated.

Our providers at ZG Wellness can evaluate your skin to see if liquid nitrogen can be an effective treatment for you. Schedule your examination here.

Questions We Get From Patients:

Does a liquid nitrogen treatment hurt?
There typically is some mild stinging, but it doesn’t last long. The procedure is often the quickest way to remove skin imperfections with the least discomfort or downtime.

How do I know if I’m a candidate?
Schedule an examination with ZG Wellness. We’ll evaluate you and advise what is the best treatment procedure, whether it’s liquid nitrogen or another treatment.