(Ages 10 & up) $75

For work or activities that require periodic physicals, ZG Wellness can provide them with an examination by our Nurse Practitioner.

Visits generally take around an hour including checking in, getting your vitals, vision acuity, head, eyes, ears, nose and throat exam.

Sports and other physicals may require more depending on the direction of the applicable association.

Below is a list of physical examinations performed in our Northern Kentucky office:

  • Work
  • Sports
  • Annual

Questions We Get From Patients:

Is there a minimum age for physicals?
ZG Wellness does physicals for patients aged 10 and up.

Do I need an appointment?
You do need an appointment for a physical. You can schedule an appointment online (link)

If you find a problem during a physical, can you make a referral to a physician?
Yes. If we discover an issue that may need further care, we can advise you of it, so you can follow up with your family physician, or we can make a referral.