Injections and Vaccines

Our Weight Loss Injection Program was designed to help you achieve impactful, healthy weight loss by providing proven injection medicine to boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat in a safe, effective way. By becoming a member of this program, here’s what you can expect:

  • A consultation visit at $150 (this fee can be included in your 1st month cost if you sign up for the program at your initial consultation)
  • 1st month for $995
  • 2nd & 3rd months for $599 per month
  • 4th month & beyond for $499.99 per month (the number of months will be determined by how long it takes to reach your individual goals, which will be different for everyone)

Your membership in the program includes all required lab work, weekly injections, and any other supplies needed to help you reach your goals. You’ll also have access to unlimited health and wellness coaching. We are also offering 10% off IV Therapy, Kybella, and SculpSure treatments! Once you reach your goal weight, you’ll get a free SculpSure® treatment on us!

Schedule your weight loss consultation online today and get ready shed some inches with these revolutionary injections!

Common Questions From Patients:

How do weight loss injections work?

Our specialized injections work by enhancing your metabolism’s speed and efficacy, allowing you to safely and easily break down fat and convert it into energy.

Do I need an appointment to become a member?

We do recommend a consultation appointment so we can determine exactly what would benefit you the most in your weight loss journey.

How often will I need to get weight loss injections?

Since everyone is unique and has different goals, the exact amount of injections will depend on your individual situation. We’ll go over all the details at your consultation and develop a personalized plan just for you. If you need regular injections, we will set up a schedule that’s most convenient for you.

How long does the program usually take?

Again, since everyone has different goals, the time length will depend on you and the results you wish to achieve. Some people have great success in as little as a couple months, while others may take 9 months to a year or more until they get where they want to be. We’ll discuss a realistic timeframe at your consultation.

Is this program safe?

Our Weight Loss Injection Program is overseen by skilled medical professionals who follow all guidelines for safety of our patients. Our experts work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that will offer you the most benefit in the safest way possible. We do lab work and monitor your progress regularly so we can ensure the injections and any other helpful tools are safe for you.